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A non-denominational Christian  journal 


Tatyana Bogomolova



       The Book of Proverbs, chapter 31 depicts a woman, "who shall rejoice in time to come" (verse 25). 

     Many years ago, having been converted to Christianity through faith in God, I thought this woman sounded so optimistic because she had made a good fortune which gave her confidence to rejoice in time to come. She didn't have to worry about the future of her family, because  she was quite well-off. Or possibly, as it seemed to me, she was a particularly lively and witty sort of person, who took things easy. 

     However later in time I realized that such a futile understanding of joy is typical for naive and foolish women. But this woman was wise (verse 26), and hence she was quite aware that nasty days may come not only to big countries, but also to little areas, to say nothing of illnesses, death of the dearest ones, etc. which can considerably shake the former cloudless well-being of her family, or even put an end to it. 

     So why then she rejoiced in time to come? Apparently, she had received a good upbringing, because she had been wise enough since her youth, not only in her older years. She feared the Lord (verse 30), because she knew that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. She was obedient to the Lord's Torah, therefore in her heart she put all hope for Him. It was the hope for the Lord that gave her confidence in the day to come, filled her heart with joy, helped to oppose emotional instability and flying offenses. Who can ever live without them in this world?


     Possibly her husband might hurt her feelings in his ignorance, but she never paid him back with evil. Instead she overcame evil with good (verse 12). This wife behaved correctly, and chose words so accurately, that when she spoke she sounded wise, and so her husband could always trust her. He was sure that her actions would neither hinder, nor entrap him (verse 11), so he remained calm, and his life was greatly enriched. After all, he had enough time for doing something useful for his wife and family, and didn't waste efforts on self-examination, offenses, soul-searching or jealousy. The way of life of his wife and her behaviour didn't tear his heart to pieces, rather on the contrary - she helped him to balance his life, to recover after fighting with unavoidable problems or taking serious decisions, which are certainly present in everyday life of all families. The husband praised her, and children called her blessed, imitating their father.

     Wisdom, united with optimism and joy is the great inner power of a woman! Let God pour out all these gifts into our hearts, and let us accept them with gratitude, in order to put them into practice for the glory of His name! 


(Source: the Christian journal "Revival" №3-2019, in English translation)